“BALTU KOKS” knows what to do if you want to restore, tend to or sell your forest.

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We offer:

– Appraisal of felling areas and forests;

– Restoration (planting) of forestland;

– Tending to cultures and compositions;

– Restoration of boundaries and border signs;

– Inventory of the forest;

– Preparation of felling area sketches

– Preparation of documents to receive felling confirmation;

– Creating firebreaks and tree measurements in felling areas;

– Legal aid in forestry issues, etc.

Forestry work

“BALTU KOKS” specialists are prepared to reveal the potential of any forestland.  

We will help you to manage your land, prepare it for selling, and prepare, take away and sell timber materials:  

– Drafting of a forest management cycle; 

– Tending to new stands of trees; 

– Preparation of documents to receive felling confirmation; 

– Assistance in selling forests; 

– Clearing of agricultural land; 

– Sawing and export services; 

– Sale of timber materials.  

Leasing of land

We very much appreciate landowners, because we are landowners, too. “BALTU KOKS” owns more than 200 hectares of farmland. If you need land for farming or to plant forests, contact our real estate specialists, and we will find a property that is right for you.

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Hunting rights

We know that the forest is a special world which has its own rules, but we also know that there are processes in the forest which would be impossible without human involvement. That is why “BALTU KOKS” offers the leasing of our forestland to organise hunting.  

We partner with more than 80 hunters’ associations and teams all over Latvia, and we will be happy to sign an agreement with your hunter organisation 

Ring +371 28010104 for more information.  

You can download agreements here, and once you fill them out, send three signed copies to:  

SIA “BALTU KOKS” Vecā Ostmala 10, Liepāja, LV-3401