About us

The forest has existed eternally.

The forest has existed eternally. Green gold that has been passed down from generation to generation. Our ancestors nurtured and protected it. This is richness that is appreciated by people who know about it, and it will truly be protected by supporters. “BALTU KOKS” is one such supporter.

At “BALTU KOKS,” we understand the power of the forest and the value of timber. We know how valuable each ring in the trunk of a tree is. We will, therefore, pay the highest price for your forestland, turning it into your capital. Or we will allow you to increase its value so that your children can earn a living in future.

We know everything about the forest.

We know how a small seed grows into a tall tree. We know how the forest expands and when the right time is to harvest it. We know how to ensure that forestry work does not damage nature, and we know what to do with timber materials to enhance your welfare.

We have worked in the forestry sector since 2005, when the “Kurzemes Mežsaimnieks” company was established. Now our company is called “BALTU KOKS,” and we offer all types of services related to forest management and development throughout the Baltic States.

We really do know everything about forests and trees, because the “BALTU KOKS” group contains SIA “BALTU Forest Group” (formerly SIA “IFTC”), which sells timber materials domestically and abroad, as well as SIA “BALTU MRS” (formerly SIA “MEŽA RESURSU SERVISS”), which provides forestry services. We respect traditions and are aware of the power of ancient Baltic signs. A needle from your forest may become the broom of the goddess Laima, who will provide you with fortune and success. Let us take care of that which is needed.