Timber trade

We higly value the Latvian tree and are ready to reveal its great benefits to the whole world. “BALTU KOKS”  offers sale of round timber, timber and various wood products abroad and in Latvia. The “BALTU KOKS” group of companies owns several thousand hectares of forests in Latvia, from which most of the exported products are obtained. We prepare the assortments required by the customer according to the customer’s specification and quality requirements.

We offer

Different types of logs and timber adapted to your desired specification.

Delivery by both land and sea.

In order to provide customers with the highest quality products, timber is sourced from the Group’s forest properties and felling sites, as well as purchased from other reliable partners.


If you also know the true value of Latvia’s forest resources, we invite new partners abroad and the local market to negotiate. We are open to cooperation with both timber suppliers and buyers, as well as sales agents. We will develop an offer that meets your wishes, adapting to both the specification and quality requirements.

Using our forest resources, we can meet a wide range of demands.